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Fame 101: 3rd Phase of Fame – Acceptance

celebrity problemsLast week I wrote about the second phase of fame, Dependency. If you’re able to realize that your value as a human being is measured by who you are as a person rather than your persona you move into the third phase of fame: Acceptance.

In the Acceptance phase you embrace every aspect of your circumstance, without truing to change it, protest against it or leave it.  You accept your new reality. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to face the challenges that come with your high profile status.  What you accept is that your life is forever changed. Fame is an ongoing experience, not a single event. The issues that arise are just part of the fame landscape.

Part of accepting fame is accepting the responsibility that comes with your influence. With the ability to make an impact comes a responsibility to set an example that is worthy of being followed. You have an opportunity to influence the lives of people, including impressionable young minds, to make this world a better place – or at least follow in your footsteps meaningfully.

Shoulder the responsibility of fame as a blessing instead of as a nuisance that prevents you from doing normal things that normal people do, such as walking on the beach without being photographed or going to a cafe without being accosted or stared at. You can still maintain your personal boundaries while sharing your light with those who help shine it upon you.

You are not perfect. Accept the fact that you may make mistakes. That’s ok. Everyone makes mistakes. What really matters is what you do once the mistake is made. This is the true test of your character. Leverage your mistakes to become an example of positive change. Be bullshit free. Be grounded. Be human. Be real.

Fame, and all that comes with it, is now a part of your life but only a part, not your whole life. There is a larger part of your life as a famous personality that involves finding the time and the focus to continue doing the good work that made you famous in the first place. Once you realize this, you will start moving from coping with your celebrity status to thriving on it. This is the moment when you enter the fourth and final stage of fame, Adaption.

I’ll address Phase 4: Adaption in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned…

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If you enjoyed this article, join us to get free email updates!

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