Managing Fame and Dealing With Celebrity
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The price of fame: While your public image may take years to build, it only takes seconds to break ...and forever to repair. It takes a strong inner compass to navigate the unique challenges that come with a high profile. Learn how to face the demands, pressure and unrealistic expectations masterfully. Fame Mentor, Valery Satterwhite, helps you stay grounded, admired, inspired and in control in a seemingly out-of-control world.

"Valery keeps me focused instead of overwhelmed by the pressure."
-J.T. - Director, Screenwriter
Win the Fame Game: Stay Grounded, Admired & Inspired! Get top 10 tips. 

About Valery Satterwhite

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Celebrity Mentor, Valery Satterwhite helps high-profile talent deal with the challenges of fame. As a fiercely confidential advocate she helps people deal with the loss of privacy, brand image protection and extraordinary stress. She inspires, motivates and galvanizes people like you to maximize a well-known image – no matter what. As a certified trained professional who has experienced the challenges that come from a high-profile family, Valery is often considered a must-have in your corner.

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Valery helps those in the spotlight stay in control of their brand image and privacy. Learn preventive measures to avoid mistakes, meltdowns or misguided choices others have made. Maintain a grounded perspective. Show up at your highest level. Maximize your influence. Empower your exposure. Navigate, mitigate and transcend the dark side of fame. Mindfully manage the sensitivities that impact your best personal and professional performance. You deserve to get the most out of your fame and good fortune.

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The price of fame is coming face-to-face with its unique and very real challenges. The demands, pressure and unrealistic expectations are overwhelming. The media and social networks become a threat liable to turn your image into a nasty viral story in an instant. What do you do when everyone wants a piece of you? Who can you talk to confidentially? How do you deal with loneliness, mistrust and isolation? Stay focused and safe with a professional confidant who vigilantly champions your best interests.

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